Restore Appearance

Sealcoating beautifies and enhances your landscaping. In the same way, you have your home painted periodically or your lawn and landscape maintained, your driveway deserves the same care.



Prevents moisture penetration by sealcoating the porous asphalt surface. Prevents Freeze/Thaw damage caused by water.


Reduce Wear

Helps to resist gas and oil penetration with the protection of sealcoat.

Sun Shield

Actinic rays in sunlight can oxidize the asphalt oils in pavement, causing brittleness and a resulting loss of aggregates, which may rob up to 50% of the original asphalt thickness in just five years. A pavement with sealcoat by Fry Asphalt will resist oxidative degradation and retain its value.

Low Maintenance

Provides a non-skid surface that can be easily maintained. Fry Asphalt uses commercial grade coal tar sealcoat to ensure lasted protection.


Protect Your Investment & Increase Your Property Value

Your home is your most treasured investment. Seal coating beautifies and enhances your landscaping, thereby increasing the value of your property.


Our Warranty

Fry Asphalt does fully warranty all sealcoating, crack repair and parking lot line striping applications against defects in material and workmanship for a period of (2) two years from date of application. We will honor all written claims under the following conditions and guidelines. Fry Asphalt cannot be held responsible for damage of sealcoat due to lawn chemicals or sprinklers, acts of god, domestic or wild animals, foot or vehicle traffic allowed on asphalt before the appropriate sealcoat cure time of 48 hours. Fry Asphalt will not be responsible for damage of sealcoat or asphalt due to excessive standing gravel, snowplows/snow removal, tire chains, gas, oil or anti-freeze on your sealcoat surface.